She's like a walking circus, because-because I'm mad then a motherfucker.

Vanity and Vitality.

walk with me.


my drunken father came home, pointed at my socks and said ‘what the fuck are those’

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He wasn’t my type. It was like He threw a small party for me. Had big bottles of alcohol much of weed. Smoke back to back just to impress me. The first blunt was the best. A reckless joy ride. Candy booming the bass, drinking something other then water in her water bottle. I was scared to death in that backseat. The first blunt.
  After sessions of weed and haven’t toke anything other then cigarette s in a while. .
C.j. was the only guy on my mind.  That wasn my guy taste. The next guy that meets my eyes is going be fine and and just as right for me


not only is it beautiful it’s attractive

Ocean Foam  / Sydney, Australia

Ocean Foam  / Sydney, Australia
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